Fiber Glass Rod

Radiant Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Manufactures Epoxy Fiber Glass Rod by Pultrusion process technology & these rods are generally used for Polymer insulators. Fiber Glass Rods are our customized product and we manufacture wide ranges of various diameters according to the customer’s requirement.


For Polymer insulators for various ranges.


Light Weight and low Maintenance, Excellent Electrical Insulation Properties, Superior mechanical Strength & High Stiffness.

Quality & Reliability

Stringent type tests conducted as per the IEC for the Fiber Glass Rods as follows :

Dye Penetration – IEC61109 – 2008

Water Diffusion – IEC61109-2008

Brittle Test – REC 76/2006

Specific Gravity – ASTM D 792-08

Water absorption – ASTM D 570-98


16mmØ, 20mmØ, 24mmØ, ,33mmØ (Customization according to customer’s requirement)